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Sociology of Creativity


Quote 1:
A work within a work has no time, a time with no time, work with time.

Quote 2:
Every moment in life has a meaning and every meaning in life has a moment to flourish.

Quote 3:

Quote 4:
Sometimes what we think to be true is not what it actually is.

Quote 5:
Covid-19, like constructing a house on top of a hill, restricts social interaction in our surroundings.

Quote 6:
Oh moon, you shine in the dead of night, illuminating every road, just as there is light in every gloom.

Quote 7:
Mother nature knows when the sun is at scorching temperature to pour down rain and cool the earth's atmosphere around.

Quote 8:
Those who see the beauty of God’s creation are blessed; you will be content.

Quote 9:
I didn't say to say, to say what to say, to say it.

Quote 10:
What you see on thick are not what you think I think I see. The things I think ave lest behind to move fernard what les ahead on the things I dow't ser.

Quote 11:

Quote 12:
When I think to think of the things, I think to unthink of the things I think and think, that to think I think of what I think I am.

Quote 13:
I believe I am what I am and will become to becoming in what I am.

Quote 14:
I stand, I built, I fight not to win but to fight for what I stand to build.

Quote 15:
The Touch - We don’t realise until we are miles apart.

Quote 16:
Every ending marks the start of a new family, a timeless beginning in the tapestry of life.

Short Messages

Short Message 1:
When I was young, I couldn’t understand how these words go around as I became older and met many of my kins, friends, and people through social interaction. I gradually have a smaller circle, and the trust I have in all of the said demises slowly. Whom should I become? Where has the thought of the self gotten dissolved? Sometimes, the people I love dearly, care for, and trust slowly swap away to make me feel lonely again, just like a baby was born alone. Why does the self have the glitches in me? What should I do to get it away? It becomes hard to be with the person knowing it all. The strength that I have the self has no more. It’s hard to be someone I am not. What makes me indeed a person has gone, but to be who I am, I have to be. C. H. Cooley says, “I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am.”

Short Message 2:
Sun becomes the subiective and the surroundings as objectives. Similarly, the mind is sui generis in social reality which are not the way it seems to be or become. Why social facts intertwine of my subjective to the objective in the way, I don't think of. My inception in the world is an ideal type and oblivion to social space I am in.


Poem 1:
Take Me HomeTake Me Home

Poem 2:
I Lived a Dream

Poem 3:
Will Wield Hope

Poem 4:
Foolhardy Happiness

Poem 5:
Road not taken

Poem 6:
My Boss and I

Poem 7:
I See



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