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ISC Sociology Syllabus

As per the council of ISC, the Sociology subject will consist of two papers and the distribution of marks thereon is quoted as under:

Paper I - Theory: 3 hours …...70 marks and

Paper II - Practical Work …....30 marks.

Paper I - Theory:

Part I (20 marks) consists of compulsory short answer questions testing knowledge, application and skills relating to elementary / fundamental aspects of the entire syllabus. Part II (50 marks) consists of eight questions out of which you are required to answer five questions, each carrying 10 marks.

Paper II - Practical Work:

To do justice to the basic structural principles and theoretical orientation of the discipline, empirical and ethnographic substantiation is essential. In keeping with the significance of doing practical work and gaining a hands-on understanding of various social issues, candidates are expected to undertake two studies. Topics for the studies should be chosen from within the overall syllabus as there is ample scope for diversity. Candidates will be expected to have completed two studies from any chapter covered in Theory.

Assessment for each study will be as detailed below: The practical work will be assessed by the teacher and a Visiting Examiner appointed locally and approved by the Council. Mark allocation per study [15 marks] will be as follows:


Evaluation by the teacher

5 Marks


Evaluation by the Visiting Examiner

10 Marks

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