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Model MCQs for TDP (General/Honours) 3rd Semester Exam.



1. Aquatic life is damaged by

[A] Sound pollution

[B] Air Pollution

[C] Thermal pollution

[D] All of the above

Answer is [C]

2. The development of a bare area without any life form is called

[A] Nudation

[B] Ecesis

[C] Sere

[D] Reaction

Answer is [A]

3. Rainfall is measured by an instrument known as

[A] Seismograph

[B] Lactometer

[C] Rain gauge

[D] Nanometer

Answer is [C]

4. Cigarette smoking exposes one to _______.

[A] Sulphur dioxideCarbon dioxide

[B] Carbon dioxide

[C] Nitrogen peroxide

[D] Carbon monoxide

Answer is [D]

5. ______ mixed with diesel reduces carbon monoxide emissions up to 50%.

[A] Methanol

[B] Alcohol

[C] Ethanol

[D] Phenol

Answer is [C]

6. Nighttime temperatures rarely drop below the dew point temperature because

[A] The dew will absorb all the heat

[B] Saturation vapor pressures always increase at night

[C] At saturation, latent heat of condensation is released into the air

[D] All of the above

Answer is [C]

7. The abiotic and biotic components constitute the structure of an

[A] Energy flow

[B] Environment

[C] Atmosphere

[D] Ecosystem

Answer is [D]

8. Zoos are examples for

[A] In-situ conservation

[B] In-vivo conservation

[C] Ex-situ conservation

[D] Exvivo conservation

Answer is [C]

9. Earth summit of Rio de Janeiro (1992) resulted in

[A] Compilation of Red list

[B] Establishment of biosphere reserves

[C] Conservation of biodiversity


Answer is [C]

10. Which of the following helps to explain why even though northern latitudes experience 24 hours of sunlight on June 22, they are not warmer than latitudes further south?

[A] Solar energy is spread over a larger area in northern latitudes

[B] Some of the sun's energy is reflected by snow and ice in the northern latitudes

[C] Increased cloud cover reflects solar energy in the northern latitudes

[D] All of the above

Answer is [D]

11. The deadliest Tsunami in recorded history took place on

[A] 15-Nov-1990

[B] 15-Dec-1999

[C] 26-Dec-2000

[D] 26-Dec-2004

Answer is [D]

12. Abundant source of inonazite sands are found on the sea shores of

[A] Maharashtra

[B] West Bengal

[C] Tamil Nadu

[D] Kerala

Answer is [D]

13. Air pollution is likely to be most severe

[A] In the interior of continents

[B] Near the center of an anticyclone

[C] In the summer

[D] When the atmosphere is turbulent

Answer is [B]

14. Ozone hole was first discovered in

[A] Africa

[B] Antarctica

[C] India

[D] Europe

Answer is [B]

15. On which date was the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment held?

[A] July 6th 1974

[B] Aug 8th 1976

[C] June 5th 1972

[D] Dec 12th 1990

Answer is [C]

16. Water pollution is due to

[A] Agricultural discharges

[B] Sewage and other wastes

[C] Industrial effluents

[D] All the above

Answer is [D]

17. Heat is energy in the process of being transferred from:

[A] Hot objects to cold objects

[B] Low pressure to high pressure

[C] Cold objects to hot objects

[D] High pressure to low pressure

Answer is [A]

18. What is an Incinerator?

[A] Furnace used for burning solid waste

[B] Furnace used for treating liquid waste

[C] Both [A] & [B]

[D] None of the above

Answer is [A]

19. The first global environmental protection treaty "The Montreal Protocol" was signed on September 26.

[A] 1985

[B] 1990

[C] 1981

[D] 1987

Answer is [D]

20. Lead poisoning

[A] Reduces O2 carrying capacity of hemoglobin in blood

[B] Increases O2 carrying capacity of hemoglobin in blood

[C] Reduces O2 carrying capacity of myoglobin in muscles

[D] Increases O2 carrying capacity of myoglobin in muscles

Answer is [A]

21. The ocean covers ________ percentage of Earth's surface.

[A] 51%

[B] 61%

[C] 71%

[D] 0.91%

Answer is [C]

22. Ganga Action Plan in India was launched in the year

[A] 1988

[B] 1985

[C] 1980

[D] 1978

Answer is [B]

23. The effect of ozone depletion include

[A] UV light reaches the earth

[B] Affect the climate

[C] Cause skin cancer

[D] All the above

Answer is [D]

24. The term "latent" means:

[A] Late

[B] Hot

[C] Light

[D] Hidden

Answer is [D]

25. The worst nuclear accident happened to date is occurred at

[A] Chernobyl in 1986

[B] Three Mile Power Plant in 1979

[C] Sellafield in 1957

[D] Fukushima in 2011

Answer is [A]

26. _______ is an example of "bottom feeders".

[A] Cat fish

[B] Frog

[C] Snake

[D] Tadpole

Answer is [A]

27. What is UNCED?

[A] United Nations Conference on Education

[B] United Nations Conference on Environmental Day

[C] United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

[D] None of the above

Answer is [C]

28. The concept of ecological pyramid was first proposed by

[A] E.P. Odum

[B] A.G. Tansley

[C] Juday

[D] Charles Elton

Answer is [D]

29. The first protected area in India is

[A] Silent valley

[B] Corbett National Park

[C] Bandipur sanctuary

[D] Nagar-Hole

Answer is [B]

30. At the North Pole the sun will rise above the horizon on _____ and set below the horizon on _____.

[A] June 22; September 23

[B] September 23; December 22

[C] March 21; September 23

[D] June 22; December 22

Answer is [C]

31. What is Canopy?

[A] Uppermost level of the forest

[B] Ground level of the forest

[C] Soil in forest

[D] Climbers on trees

Answer is [A]

32. The cutting down of trees and setting them on fire and raising crops on the resulting ash is called:

[A] Pyrolysis

[B] Jhum

[C] Taungya system

[D] Shift cultivation

Answer is [B]

33. Which of the following region has maximum diversity

[A] Mangrooves

[B] Temperate rainforest

[C] Taiga

[D] Coral reefs

Answer is [D]

34. The indoor pollutant radon which is a radioactive gas causes

[A] Lung cancer

[B] Anemia

[C] Hormone disorder

[D] Cardiac arrest

Answer is [A]

35. What is the animal symbol of W. W. F (World Wildlife Fund)?

[A] Red Panda

[B] Giant Panda

[C] Tiger

[D] Kangaroo

Answer is [B]

36. _____ energy is the energy stored within the earth.

[A] Geothermal

[B] Mechanical

[C] Wind

[D] Thermal

Answer is [A]

37. ____ is the first country to have phased out the CFCs and HCFCs which are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer

[A] Denmark

[B] Germany

[C] France

[D] Spain

Answer is [B]

38. ______ is the regulatory authority of quality in India





Answer is [A]

39. Leader of "Narmada Bachao Andolan"

[A] Vandana Siva

[B] Medha Patkar

[C] Menaka Gandhi

[D] Mayilamma

Answer is [B]

40. The movement "Beej Bachao Andolan" was aimed for the conservation of ______.

[A] Trees

[B] Shrubs

[C] Crops

[D] Coconut

Answer is [C]

41. Man and biosphere programme is affiliated with





Answer is [A]

42. Which among the following result in the formation of soil?

[A] Radiation

[B] Weathering

[C] Erosion

[D] Pollution

Answer is [B]

43. Lions are found in

[A] Western Ghats

[B] Corbett National Park

[C] Forests of Madhya Pradesh

[D] Gir forests

Answer is [D]

44. What is Plankton?

[A] Microscopic floating organisms - Plants and animals.

[B] Bottom dwelling aquatic organisms

[C] Large plants in water

[D] None of the above

Answer is [A]

45. Burning of coal produces oxides of sulphur and nitrogen which combined with water vapor leads to

[A] Acid rain

[B] Brackish water

[C] Forest fire

[D] Soil pollution

Answer is [A]

46. The wind-chill factor:

[A] Relates body heat loss with wind to an equivalent temperature with no wind

[B] Indicates the temperature at which water freezes on exposed skin

[C] Takes into account humidity and air temperature in expressing the current air temperature

[D] Tells farmers when to protect crops from a freeze

Answer is [A]

47. Official date of Earth Day is on

[A] March 21

[B] April 22

[C] May 22

[D] June 05

Answer is [B]

48. Red data book contains data of

[A] All plant species

[B] All animal species

[C] Economically important species

[D] Threatened species

Answer is [D]

49. Which of the following type of pollution can cause the outbreak of jaundice

[A] Air

[B] Thermal

[C] Water

[D] Land

Answer is [C]

50. One third of the global cases of Tuberculosis is in

[A] Britain

[B] Sweden

[C] India

[D] China

Answer is [C]

51. During the course of a year, the sun will disappear from view near the North Pole on what date?

[A] June 21

[B] September 23

[C] December 23

[D] January 1

Answer is [B]

52. "Smog" is a mixture of

[A] Smoke and Fog

[B] Snow and Fog

[C] Snow and Dust

[D] Sulphur Dioxide and Fog

Answer is [A]

53. IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) is also called as

[A] Man and Biosphere program

[B] World Conservation Union

[C] World Conservation Consortium

[D] World Wide Conservation Union

Answer is [B]

54. Endemic species are

[A] Rare species

[B] Species localised in a specific region

[C] Cosmopolitan in distribution

[D] Critically endangered species

Answer is [B]

55. Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural history is located at _______.

[A] Pune

[B] Hyderabad

[C] Kerala

[D] Coimbatore

Answer is [D]

56. In the northern hemisphere, a solar panel should be placed on the side of the roof facing:

[A] North

[B] East

[C] West

[D] South

Answer is [D]

57. Torrey Canyon is famous for

[A] Gulf of War

[B] Industries

[C] Electric Potential

[D] Oil spillage

Answer is [D]

58. Which of the following rock types would most likely be the best oil reservoir?

[A] Granite

[B] Shale

[C] Sandstone

[D] Salt

Answer is [C]

59. The combination of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons in the presence of the sunlight causes

[A] Global warming

[B] Smog

[C] Ozone hole in the atmosphere

[D] Acid rain

Answer is [B]

60. Who among the following is commonly called "Bird Man of India"?

[A] Salim Ali

[B] M.S. Swaminathan

[C] M.C. Mehta

[D] Raphel Emerson

Answer is [A]

61. Mulching helps in

[A] Soil fertility

[B] Moisture conservation

[C] Improvements soil structure

[D] Soil sterility

Answer is [B]

62. World Water Day is celebrated on

[A] March 22

[B] May 11

[C] May 22

[D] June 05

Answer is [A]

63. The aurora is produced by:

[A] Reflections of sunlight by polar ice fields

[B] Fast-moving charged particles colliding with air molecules

[C] Burning oxygen caused by the intense sunlight at high altitude

[D] The combination of molecular and atomic oxygen to form ozone

Answer is [B]

64. Which of the following would be considered to be a biotic component of an environment

[A] Fire

[B] Water

[C] Fungi

[D] Soil

Answer is [C]

65. The Term Smog was introduced in 1905 by

[A] Des Voeux

[B] Hult

[C] Canon

[D] Le Chatelier

Answer is [A]

66. BOD stands for

[A] Biological Oxygen Decrease

[B] Biotic Oxygen Demand

[C] Biological Oxygen Demand

[D] None of the above

Answer is [C]

67. In which year Silent Valley was declared as National Park?

[A] 1988

[B] 1984

[C] 1982

[D] 1981

Answer is [B]

68. Blue whale is placed under

[A] Endangered

[B] Critically endangered

[C] Rare

[D] Extinct

Answer is [A]

69. Asiatic lion is found only in

[A] Manas

[B] Gir Forest

[C] Kasiranga

[D] Sundarbans

Answer is [B]

70. _____ is one of the most endangered species of Indian birds

[A] Bee eater

[B] Paradise fly catcher

[C] Owl

[D] The great Indian bustard

Answer is [D]

71. Approximately, 50% of total world species are present on

[A] Tropical rain forest

[B] Temperate rain forest

[C] Temperate deciduous forest

[D] Coral reefs

Answer is [A]

72. Pedology?

[A] Study of water

[B] Study of air

[C] Study of soil

[D] None of the above

Answer is [C]

73. National Park associated with rhinoceros is

[A] Kaziranga

[B] Ranthambore

[C] Corbett

[D] Valley of flowers

Answer is [A]

74. Plants that grows in saline water lodged habitat are called

[A] Xerophytes

[B] Halophytes

[C] Mangroves

[D] Mesophytes

Answer is [C]

75. The state which constituted green bench

[A] Kerala

[B] Tamilnadu

[C] Assam

[D] Madhya Pradesh

Answer is [B]

76. Black Buck is a

[A] Goat

[B] Deer

[C] Butterfly

[D] Bird

Answer is [B]

77. What scale is useful to record the force of wind?

[A] Decibel

[B] Richter

[C] Beau fort

[D] Fajita

Answer is [C]

78. What is the official name of IUCN?

[A] World Wide Fund for Nature

[B] World Conservation Union

[C] United Nations Environment Programme

[D] United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Answer is [B]

79. Which is the world s most deadliest snake?

[A] Spitting cobra

[B] Russel viper

[C] Black mamba

[D] Anaconda

Answer is [C]

80. IUCN (The International Union For Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources) headquarters is at

[A] Morges, Switzerland

[B] Paris, France

[C] Vienna, Austria

[D] NewYork, USA

Answer is [A]

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